Life is full of options.  There are day to day small choices which we can easily make without much consideration.  But, big decisions like where to stay (whether it is in a house, manila apartment or dormitory)  requires us to search for reasons before we make the move.  So when you discover a place like Home 168 Manila Dormitory, we understand that you would definitely look into the advantages it can offer you.

6 key features of home 168 manila dormitory

So let me give you 6 Reasons Why Home 168 Manila Dormitory is For You

  1. Community

Home 168 Manila Dormitory is surrounded by various communities.

If you’re a student of the nearby schools, training centers and reviews centers, then there’s your primary reason.  Or if you’re an employee in one of the many business establishment in the area, how convenient it is to leave just close by.  In addition, there are a lot of public parks to spend some time to relax or take a leisurely stroll for free.  Of course, a holistic life is where we also dedicate our time to fulfill our moral and spiritual obligations.  I don’t think there’s any other area in Metro Manila where so different churches and temples are all within walking distance.  For health concerns, there are also a lot of hospitals in the area.

What’s great about the area is the wide variety of people.  You can find people of all walks of life present.  And, there’s also cultural diversity as the place is being flocked by both locals and foreigners.

      2. Sustainable/Green 

We are already experiencing the harshness of urban and environmental problems such as traffic, floods and heavy pollution.  So why not support an urban solution provider like Home 168 Manila Dormitory?  Moreover, Home 168 Manila Dormitory is mainly created from recycled container trucks.  And, some of the furniture and fixtures were made from recycling scrap wood.  It is also near San Andres Public Market (Fresh Market) where fresh produce can be bought.  Having access to a fresh market is essential for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  It offers monetary savings in terms of food budget as well as health care.

       3. Lifestyle

One of the most dominant problem nowadays is being being stressed.  That is attributable not only because of heavy workload and exposure to daily traffic but also because we don’t have enough time and access to leisure activities.  What we need to solve that is to have a convenient and easy lifestyle.  That can be achieved by living in Home 168 Manila Dormitory which is in a residential and commercial area so whatever you need is within your reach whether its groceries, pharmacies, sari-sari-stores, laundry shop, water distilling station, canteens, fast food and more.

       4. Leisure

Home 168 Manila Dormitory is located near shopping malls such as Robinson’s Place Manila and Harrison Plaza. It is also near the Remedios Circle (well known to both locals and tourists as the center of Manila’s Night Life), National Museum, Manila Ocean Park, Intramuros, Quirino Grand Stand and The Philippine International Convention Center.  Whichever leisure activity you desire, I’m sure that can be easily satisfied!

5. Technology

Home 168 Manila Dormitory has multiple charging stations and a fast and reliable WiFi.  You can be sure that you can always stay connected with the free 100 mbps WiFi.

6. Transportation

Home 168 Manila Dormitory is accessible through many transportation hubs:

  • Bus
  • Jeep
  • Tricycle
  • LRT 1

Wherever you want to go, you can now go with ease.  You can easily have someone visit you too.  Almost all modes of transport are available 24/7 so you can go out anytime without worry.

So there you have it.  These are at least 6 reasons why Home 168 Manila Dormitory may be for you.  Did we miss anything?  I bet you can find more reasons to stay than what we provided.