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1. What is the dorm rate?

PHP 2,500 Fan Room WITHOUT Breakfast
PHP 2,800 Fan Room w/ Breakfast
PHP 2,900 Aircon Room WITHOUT Breakfast
PHP 3,200 Aircon Room w/ Breakfast

*Breakfast is served on weekdays at Dalkomi Cafe from 6 am to 9 am
*Prices and promos may change and vary
*All promos requires a minimum stay of 3-months

    2. Are they any additional fees that I will incur?

    There are no additional fees. However to ensure you a comfortable stay, new tenant should buy their own matress for PHP 480.

    3. Do you offer group discounts?

    More than 50 pax, we can discuss special rate.

    4. Okay so I want to move-in now, how much should I pay?
    1. PHP 1,000 Booking Fee (500 for your mattress which is yours to keep and 500 for refundable locker deposit)
    2. Your monthly rental
    5. What would I need in the dormitory?
    1. Sign the Lease Agreement Form
    2. Payment
    3. Own matress, bed sheet, pillow, towel etc.
    6. Are you accepting female occupants?

    Yes.  We can accept the female occupants but only limited slots are available.  Also, high consuming electricity device such as hair blower, etc. are subject to the approval of the management.

    7. Is this a shared room?

    Yes.  One room has a capacity of 10 with 5 double deck beds.

    8. Do you still have any vacancy?

    Yes.  We have vacancy unless otherwise posted.

    9. Do you accept advance reservations? How Much? Where can I send my payment?

    We accept a reservation fee of  PHP 1,000/ occupant which is equivalent to your booking fee. You can pay through:

    1. Bank deposit:
      Bank: Metrobank
      Account name: NearHome Inc.
      Account #: 212 7212 50919 8
      Email Deposit Slip to  with Subject Reservation Fee and place of the message your name and contact
    2. pay at our office at Home 168 Dormitory site at 1929 J. Bocobo St. Malate, Manila
    10. What are the common areas?
    1. We have a study/work area equipped with charging stations at the center of dorm that is ideal for studying and doing computer work.
    2. We have a TV area with two Cable TVs for entertainment
    3. We have a movie area where guests can watch free movie during weekend nights


    *The entire area is secured by a CCTV and security guard.

    11. How is cleaning carried out?
    1. Daily cleaning in common area (charging station, shower, CR area)
    2. Monthly pest control and room hallway cleaning.
    12. Are there enough number of common bathrooms in dormitories?

    Yes.  We have:

    1. 48 toilet bowls
    2. 56 shower booth
    3. 8 urinals
    4. 8 washing areas

    *Please note that no laundry and eating is allowed inside our dorm.

    13. Which facilities/services are included in the rates?

    Our rates are all-inclusive rates.  They include:

    1. Bed space, private locker
    2. electricity, water and operating expenses
    3. use of all general areas and general infrastructure
    4. 100 mbps wifi
    5. furniture (tables & chairs, para sol)
    6. 6hr aircon, 24 hr orbit fan
    7. Security guard / CCTV
    8. Pest control
    9. Generic cleaning
    14. When can I move in?
    1. Upon payment of your P 1,000 Booking Fee and monthly rent

    *The earliest move-in date is the first work day according to the commencement of your contract.

    15. Are pets allowed?

    No. Pets are forbidden without exception.

    16. Will my room be air conditioned?

     All rooms are fully air-conditioned but operation hour will be controlled by management (6-hour period from 7 pm to 1 am)

    17. How can I secure my personal properties?

    All guests are provided with their own lockers.

    In addition, we can also provide rental storage space.  Tenants are responsible in taking care of their valuable belongings.

    18. Do offer any corporate partnerships or rates? What are the conditions? Rates?

    Yes. Corporation partnerships are more than welcome.   Condition and rates will be discussed upon meeting.

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